Inaugural Blog Post

I just think this pic’s funny as fuck lmao Photo by Deja Smith(@dejaarxvna).

Jordan Levi
by Jordan Levi
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OK, so after upwards of three weeks of work, I’ve pretty much gotten my blog put together. At first I was having issues getting the posts to show up, then I had issues getting the twitter cards to display properly, but everything mostly looks good now. I’ll do a little more tweaking here and there on specific pages and posts, but right now everything at the very least looks decent.

I started this blog for a couple reasons. Probably the biggest is that I wanna get into the habit of writing regularly, but I tend to take a while to write articles relating to politics, cuz – aside from not having much spare time during my work week – if I write about a topic, I prefer to get a lot of background info. I hate trying to read up on a topic and having to go to multiple different places to piece everything together, so I prefer to lay everything out at once, just in case one of my articles is someone’s first acquaintance with an issue, so that way they can get at least the bulk of the relevant info in one place. Throw in the fact that I have a bad habit of procrastinating in the first place, and as a result i’ve only put out an article every couple months or so lmao So I want to get into the habit by writing about some of my other interests, too, which aren’t so info heavy. But writing up reviews about music I’ve been listening to or maybe responses to dumb tweets I see probably won’t be relevant to socialism and might not have a place on my party’s website,, so I’d rather have a place where I can post those kind of things without needing to take relevancy into account, since it’s fully my platform.

A great plus side to this is if I start having articles posted other places besides the WSPUS website, then I can use this site as a one-stop shop for people to read all of them, rather than having to dig around the internet or individual websites to find them. Obviously platforms like Medium are a great solution for that problem, but I could easily get deplatformed on there, so while I’ll put most formal articles there too, I’d like to also have all my stuff on a platform I control just in case that ever happens.

I’ll be using this blog to post proper articles that’ve been proofread and are more or less reference-heavy along with general commentary on music or content from social media, Youtube, etc. that I feel like commenting on. These probably won’t ever be proofread and would probably have very few, if any references ever. This post is an example. I’m not gonna bother proofreading this lmao I’m just gonna write like I would on social media or texting a friend, so if anybody ever brings up the fact that I used improper grammar on one of these kinds of posts then I’ll just refer them to this 😂

Aside from that though, I got the absolute shit dogpiled out of me on Twitter the past couple days for this tweet:

😂 I lowkey didn’t even wanna tweet this cuz I already knew that shit might happen, but I hoped it wouldn’t. I refuse to kick that bee’s nest again, though lmao TRAs also started harassing our sister party, the SPGB, so now I’ve been having to explain myself on their forum for like the past day now. It seems like every member engaging understands where I’m coming from at this point, though, regardless of TRAs accusing me of being transphobic – which, obviously, I’m not by any reasonable definition of that term. I’ve been lagging on finishing this essay I started months ago that lays out my perspective on this issue, cuz – again – I wanna make sure I tackle every angle of it in case this is anybody’s first acquaintance with this topic, but I pretty much have to finish it ASAP now so at least other WSM members can fully see where I’m coming from. What sucks is that I really only wanna spend the next four weekends getting the next issue of The World Socialist put together, so I may only be able to work on that article during my weekdays – in which, as I said, I don’t have much spare time – but I’ll do my best to work on it during any downtime at work, too. I won’t give a time frame, cuz I don’t wanna pump fake, but I’m definitely more than halfway done, so I’ll do my best to finish it soon.

Anyway, I appreciate anybody who takes the time to read whatever I end up deciding to post here. I’ll make sure to keep some level of consistency with my posts, so make sure to subscribe to my email list below if you wanna stay updated on them. Thanks for reading! Peace.