Waddup, my name’s Jordan Levi and I hate capitalism.

I was born in Oakland, California on June 5, 1993 and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in April of 2000. I grew up broke to say the least, but that didn’t really motivate me to get into politics ‘til I got a little older.

I was briefly involved in Occupy Las Vegas when I was 18 and got more into “socialism” via Bernie Sanders when I was 22, but I wouldn’t say I became an actual socialist ‘til I first read some of Karl Marx’s work when I was 25.

I joined The World Socialist Party of the United States a few months later, around October 2018, which I’m still a member of to this day. I also currently edit our quarterly magazine, The World Socialist.

Besides angrily writing about political issues that strike a cord for me, i also enjoy reading, making music, playing video games, watching documentaries, and consuming soft drugs.

Feel free to contact me if you wanna know any more and subscribe to my email list to keep up with my drunken ramblings.

Thanks for reading!