'Gender Ideology' Review
Jordan Levi
by Jordan Levi
~1 min read



I can’t remember who it was, but I found this documentary within a few hours of it dropping after somebody I follow on Twitter retweeted The State Media’s announcement of it being posted on Youtube. It does a great job of laying out some of the major issues surrounding self-ID such as inadequate safeguarding for children, women’s prisons, sports, etc. It also debunks some pretty prominent talking points, such as the allegedly high transgender suicide rate and that questioning self-ID is somehow bigotry – which they call bigoteering. They touch on the fact that intersex conditions don’t disprove the sex binary – that even people born with these conditions are still either male or female – and that there’s no such thing as a male or female brain or being born in the wrong body, but I don’t remember them getting into the biological differences between males and females or how those differences develop in humans and other species. Still, I think it’s a more than adequate introduction to this topic.

Originally published at https://wspus.org/2020/10/our-new-journal-world-socialist/.